Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fresh Onions

It is now June 8, rain outside....warm weather on the slow march northeast..
Planted more veggies three days ago, they surfaced within 48 hours. It was the result of my alleged green thumb or the amazing fusion of miracle potting soil, rain and sun.

Chipmunk sited on the perimeter, rabbits out there too, threatening but manageable thus far...

Side bar;
Heard recently about a wounded Vet who was having his disability checks reduced recently because he left gear and equipment on the field of battle after he was evacuated from the battle scene in Iraq. Excuse me, the Fed's sent him a bill for stuff he left in the hot zone.....insurrection, thy name is absurdity. If I was a soldier in his unit I would not be a happy camper....I get really mad when I hear this...Hopefully others from that soldiers home state have made not a few calls to the Federal authorities and representatives of his area....

The insanity continues, the States are mostly broke if not for Stimulus injections...like a junkie, our state Leaders have a history ignoring the cause of deficit spending while begging for a fix from Washington in order to put off withdrawal (Draconian budget cuts) while creating P
R smoke and mirrors for the mainstream populace.....

That's it for now,,,I'm off to create a new paddle for the purpose of paddling far upstream away from the madness.....Do you Canoe?

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