Sunday, August 22, 2010

Early Sunday, Where's Charles Now?

Sitting here quietly this morning, blood pressure down, clear sailing ahead, this day at least.
The Summer has been far from busy this year. Gardening has kept me moving ahead with additional yard duties and an occasional Timber cutting adventure to beef up my Woodpile.
As for gross domestic product in my locale, let's just say that until the Treasury goes broke, my short time coffers, far from being full, have not dried out completely.
A bit of Solace is always found in Music. My particular skills are adequate at best while keeping the door open for Piano adventures beyond "Feeling Alright", and improvisational Guitar discoveries.
Our Warrior babies were under one roof yesterday, Cousins; they share similar attitudes when duty calls, one knows the M4 quite well, the other JP Sousa, Mahler theory and applications as well as the ever present call to a different drummer.
We are proud of them both for their commitment to a purpose few others understand.
We wait for reports on healthcare and it's implications as the shape shifting governments of the West seek new options to kick start any machination beyond the Public Safety and Public Works arena.
Remember, week seek World Peace through strategic placement of indescribable delights known throughout the land as "Barbecue".

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