Tuesday, September 28, 2010

27th, September, 2010

A bit of good news for those Bearfans out and about. Devin Hester returned to form last night in Chicago. At the 180th or 181st meeting between the Bears and the Packers, the long way home Bears won the battle. It was not pretty but did put them at 3-0 for the time being.

As for me, well, battling a cold is always fun, this time no exception. Will be hitting the road, (price of gasoline not withstanding), in an honest attempt at selling non petroleum based cleaning agents for home, shop or farm.....Enzymes are the key concept.

Weatherman calls for 30 degree low this coming Saturday....button down your abode if you live north of Memphis....

Good time to whip up some gourmet soup this Fall. Start with tomatoes, garlic, vino, pepper, onions and beef broth....create your own.j

Stay well and travel as much as you are able.....j

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