Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer is in full swing the last week of June. Beens are popping, chives are rocking and the evening still is turning to Chill. Fifties tonight with the temps rising to over 100 by Thursday. Yards are bare where sprinklers are rare unless your well is deep , in that case you will sleep at ease.
Chasing the almighty dollar from 7-3 M-F with the Weekends eating fudge in the rain, no refrain, it is a position of merit if only cause of  Export potency and a distant Overseer directing from afar.
Taxes are still too high in the Land of Cheese, if I get to upset, I welcome a sneeze.
Steak on the Grill, (Marinated overnite), Was a splendid affair....Aged, Marinated and Barbecued to Passion Pink....OMG *
Guitar has a new D string, a significance, I think....the Cat is amused, can't say the same for some others in this domain.
For now, the Fourth of July is coming soon....on a Wednesday...such a drag...
Yet to Kayak or Jump into the Water, Pool or Ocean....time is running....did Taste the Pacific Two months ago.....the IPA in Newport was most impressive in an Oregonian way.
Harvesting abounds in and around our Township,,,including Field Peas of all things...
That is it for this writing.....Peace all around and how about that 3.43 a Gallon for Gasoline. Keep the Pecuniary Monkeys at bay and have a nice day....Go Powerball and Megamillions if you dare.

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