Thursday, December 12, 2013

Here I go again....Time to burn, do laundry, vacuum, dust etc....
Morning news feed informed me about Welfare recipients in Austin , Texas.
  Illustrated for all to see was the fine example of how a Family of two adults and three kids receive $1300 a month from Texas welfare agencies and Federal WIC agencies ad nauseum.  The money received pays $50 out of a subsidized $600 rent fee, $425 for food, $150 for electricity and $100 for water.  If you live in California they pay all of this plus Childcare fees..
Digest that for a moment..
The average laid off working man or women in Wisconsin receives on average $952 a month Unemployment Compensation if, they have worked enough quarters and their past employers have paid their quarterly UC payments to Scotty the kettle watcher....
All told this is a prime example of upside down America.
 The Welfare system in place today,  will clothe you, feed you, pay your rent and child care if you do nothing but sit at home and talk on the (provided) cell phone.
 The out of work Person who has a work history, now out of work, must pay for all his or her food, clothing, shelter, utilities  and perform work searches. In Wisconsin you must do so with almost $400 dollars a month less than a Texas welfare recipient. And, the Wisconsin res  must pay taxes on his unearned but legally offered unemployment check...Using a Texas measure is especially  poignant because, as we all know, they don't pay income tax in Texas.
I may be blind, but I really think the figures should be reversed....agree or disagree this is how it is out there. Reform is needed to re-balance the above example ...resolution or revolution may be the solution..Let's just borrow some more interest bearing paper money and see which way the wind blows. 

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