Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shocking to the system, an adjustment is in order.  Laid off unexpectedly, the reasons why may be related to retarded servers and skimpy mainframes. Small manufacturer with Six Sigma or Kaisen directives have resulted into a Well Dressed Pig, But still a Pig as far as management of information is concerned..I have never seen such a dissociative software package since I don't know when.
No matter, I will rebound, Academia awaits as they need 20 minute Managers in the Subordinate Field throughout this Day and age...
Only a stepping stone away from total disengagement from the entire Manufacturing  field...I do not speak Chinese...a far too familiar site on many loading docks and receiving departments...Corn is positive  while Winter Wheat exceeded expectations as far as quality and effect is concerned. Green  Beans on my side of this writing, have rewarded our domain with Green Beans every day or other....
Thursday Night Football ..pre-season has begun....Another time...ajf.

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