Monday, September 15, 2014

This evening of Seasonal change has manifested a sneeze or two. Bear euphoria has made this a very fine day. Despite the joy my Automobile has become a concern, tire patched, could not remove tire from wheel hub. Used MAP gas, penetrating solutions and rubber hammer luck...Tire good now....will have to vacate or replace in due time.....Jeesh....
Mozart and/or Beethoven.....good for the libido and soul.....
like peanut butter and honey on rye toast, it all comes together.
To Business:
I await review and notice by DPI Wisconsin to renew my  3Year Substitute License. Slow servers impede forward progress in my humble opinion.
So I drift along with Annuity and Micro Pension in hand...
My friends, that are left, too many have left us, get along as best as we can, some complacent, others still working a plan or dream or something.
Working is a word that can be deconstructed; to start, work to make friction, produce a product or service, render an idea....I do that all the time. Music  background is interesting, my favorites on YouTube, incorporated herein.
Some tunes are intuitive.....
Keeping your back against the Wall sometimes help straighten it out. For me, a simple IBeam hang time, finger Grip will straighten any Spine and Composure...
IPA Beverges have strengthened my resolve.
Still need Progressive Lens's
Like to't been way.....too long.
Time to sit straight
All for now..
ajf Out.

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