Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Is

Once again we are moving into many before, many more to come. The amount of weather phenomenon has been abundant to be clear. Midwest corn and beans, are coming in strong  like my tiny garden plot. In short, the Green season is blooming quite well.
As for entertainment, Saturday is still the key to sensibilities as one finds themselves amidst a crowded Farmer's Market or a festive Bus trip to a Major ball park.
Moving along I am happy to announce the presence of yet another experiential fast food, sports bar complex at the end of our nearest Freeway, got Wings?

Fast and not so furious is the State of Wisconsin's Freeway system...70 MPH once again the norm.
My Ten minute commute is now 7 minutes, minus a donut stop....gotta eat breakfeast, right ?

Moving along into the hottest months is quite easy until your Refrigerator recoils.. countless calls to the Appliance fixit man go unanswered. Thank goodness for the backup's, garage reefer and dorm cooler...

Grass mowing is a given thing now aided by the presence of a righteous 54" double deck mower in close proximity to our compound....gone are the idyllic row cruisings of {which I take great pleasure), along the curvature of near Earth...

Grand child of ours, mine is a joyful handful..too early to fish, shoot or swim but anxious to explore.....

My lower back is either strained, disintegrating or in need of new posturing...time will more heavy , heavy lifting without support...

To end, my 34 year old Honda 550 gives me no short amount of pleasure in the  middle of many days, mornings but not at night...vroom, to you all who  stumble, surf or simply peruse the net...Ciao..    

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