Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lonesome Highway

As I was returning from a trip to the Western USA, I traveled down what is called I-43 a mere 50 minute ride from MKE to home.  70 Mile an hour speed limits tend to depress one who has traveled the German Autobahn on more than one occasion. Safety is of course of primary concern when dealing with high speed travel on less than top rate cement freeways.
German expressways are composed of the best cement recipes in the World.  High speed travel is accompanied with annual Automobile inspections.
In America, auto inspections occur in many if not all major Cities.  Air pollution is the main culprit in that discussion.
If America is to compete with lower taxes and better educated citizens, than why not upgrade our major Highways and byways.
For now I will try not to look on the Kilometers per Hour on my speedometer....all for one and one for the road in a manner of speaking.
Ciao Pilgrims.

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