Monday, July 3, 2017

Independant of What ?

Welcome to Summer....Hot Sun, cool shade, all the while we create in stride.

Blah blah, woof, woof...the noise lessens from the East as Government goes on an undeserved break.

Half baked and sometimes retired, I do have ideas to share or here I go...

Those who say a weak dollar is important for exporting our goods and services give merit to a weak currency.

As a veteran of both domestic manufacturing as well as repackaging of imported goods to the domestic market I have benefitted from this dual exposure.

Bottom line is this, if ninety percent of what we buy in hardware or bigbox stores is imported from low wage Chinese sweat shops, why on this Earth do we need a weak currency as a standard of American strength in the marketplace ?

The core of what is America....our natural resources, are sold on the worldwide market by the pound or ton....if our currency was stronger than Britain's Sterling or the Euro, why do we bark at a need for a weak dollar ?
Get the Fed out of manipulating our blessed air backed currency for the benefit, it would seem, to be for blind sided market peacocks....eom.....Happy Fourth...

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