Saturday, December 24, 2011


It is that time of year again, Musicians off to Midnight Mass, the rest to packaging and vigilance.
Snow has abandoned us this year, for intellectual pudding will move us beyond the White Canvass of our countryside. Much ado these last few months, a new finger breaking position in the Transportation sector, Credit Monkeys licking their fingers while Philanthropic efforts are feeding thousands throughout this night.
The new World order has Unionists on the run, their Stewards in denial. Change in the weather will accompany a change in thinking for much of the Midwest. Pensioners are the fortunate ones while the new message to youth is to put away into an IRA, those sweetheart jobs of old are fading from the landscape.
The feeling I get this time around is a mixture of joy, comfort, love and an appreciation of all around me. Family does mean the most, cherish yours or savor the memory.
Moving along, this night is young. The countryside is quiet, the town lights in the distance are turning down.
The door is open, time for the wrap. Happy Holidays all, Merry Christmas this Night.

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