Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday the.....21, of January

Don't know what phase the moon is in but snow surrounds the entire Hamlet herein.
Digits are not quite healed after proletarian workouts recently. It hurts to play Guitar, more than usual, and my left Trigger finger is...sore to the point. No worries the Squirrels are safe in their nests...ha, ha.
The only instrument I can operate is either the Keyboard of the HP or the No Name Upright Piano.
Facebook is seemingly irrelevant at the to Twitterville and it's minions....feasible but rather short...fitting for the shortened memory of so many.
To sum it all up,,,I am my own favorite of late....albeit...rather comfortable in the realm of commodity transit operations.....Cigarettes are moving, as are TP and Window Washer Solvent....use wisely....or not at all.

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