Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Musing

Bears chasing their tails at this time..Jaguars on the prowl.
 All said, Cool Arctic winds have prevailed over the past several nights and into the early morning.. Power Monkeys are getting hungry....Gas on high....frequency low.

Past few days have turned me upside down...Lost tenure at Plastics firm...not what they are looking for as a long term fit. Took my breath away...tale too much has been mentioned, work details done complete and ahead of too much...never missed a day, 90 degree closed cell environment indoors, no talk too much.... they come and sometimes go, plugging my Resume over the Cyber Highway at lightening speed.
To be sure, I turn 61 years of age on the 14th Day of October. Choices in the wind, if I get a chance to begin, without a smack on the chin........Powerball could bequeath a Grin.
October Days are full of color, Northwoods Birch Forests a place of great ardour.. Time is fleeting, time to find some...gloves........time is up......back to Sunday Ticket....I love Direct TV....


  1. Saving blog space, spare a barrel of oil ?
    After all is said and done, you cannot say I have not had some fun.
    Cast away lately, gone from the grip, I now wander cautiously, selling ideas and enjoying the trip.
    Temp man I am not, anymore. Independent Raconteur, of a sort I may be, Happy to serve from 10 until 3.
    Go Badgers, Cards, cetera. Got NHL ?

  2. Just baked some sweet potato cuttings, onions and green beans on a separate tray. Olive oil, s&p, with a bit of butter in attendance as well. Who needs an entre ? Buffalo Curds, how could I not mention these spicey nuggets of frumage.