Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What ? You can't read the Hazmat quiz ?

A while ago I had the distinct pleasure of sitting at a large table in the presence of a diverse group working folks, myself included..
The reason for the meeting was to review HAZMAT and Safety procedures at a regional outpost of a major corporation.
After the powerpoint demo was over, they gave a test....While filling out the answers I noticed a fellow next to me sitting with pencil at the rest, blank sheet before him.
As it turned out, this was a Socratic exercise, we discussed and corrected our tests after the fact, failure was not an option.
Back to the fellow next to me, as it happened,  he did not read english very well despite having lived here for many years, problematic in a hazmat environment, duh !.
While we were reviewing the test, a friend (of the fellow in question) , filled out the answers for him....

This, I gather is an accepted practice where the hiring of illegal aliens is commonplace. As it turned out, the , the perpetrator was later fired for failure to complete a clean drug test following an injury he suffered, long after the test debacle. The guy who helped the under read non tester was fired for falsifying his SS number (stole or borrowed his cousins) in order to stay in the country after his green card expired.
What really burns my cork is the fact that employers big and small in the Upper Midwest seem to flaunt Federal Immigration law and are guilty of aiding and abetting felonius behavior.
I see authorities turning a blind eye at this obvious flaunting of Federal Law which is a very least while dangerous chemicals, machinery and environments wait in silence for the next non english reading hombre Caucasoid or Latino. If you cannot read hazmat...find an English as a second language, instructor.

Recently, authorities busted some young college boys north of here for growing weed in order to pay off their student loans. Which is worse selling medicinal herbs or ignoring Federal law in the workplace?.

The act of hiring thousands of illegals is the result of offshore unloading of cheaply manufactured goods throughout the U.S...Gone are thousands of once wonderful jobs, the old workplace of bounty replaced by  Temp  Agencies putting a double burden upon millions of hard working and honest individuals all over this great land of ours.

I have worked in several industries over the last couple of years. With two pensions and social security to fall into, I am a bit gilded as I crawl towards retirement within the next couple of years. I have witnessed three instances of  ICE agents raiding a generator manufacturer, a cookie factory and now a substrate processor in Darien Wisconsin.

The only way to lift the heavy yolk of downward spiraling wages is for the Government to ..i hate this word, Tax  every single container that comes into our ports on all three, 4 if you count the Great Lakes, coasts in the USA. , in addition to rebuilding the manufacturing basis from which I was spawned...
To spin a bit further, the Weak Dollar does give domestic products a distinct advantage in the Export world..therein lays the rub..Is it better to keep the dollar weak and export like no tomorrow, or tax the dickens out of foreign made products, igniting a trade war while boosting up the In-country or domestic economy? 
One world sounds good after a beverage or two, the next day...not so much.

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