Saturday, November 2, 2013

Well, well.. It has been a while since my last post. So much time and now back to the starting line. Lost my assignment after almost 90 days. It is a common situatin that I find myself in.
 Working diligently , calluses in place, pain under control and performance at a superior level. Still, after commenting to superiors about the inability to understand poor English when conversing with co-worker, I am canned.

What sayeth yee, are not a good fit..I say, do they have classes for English as a second language for the poorly educated folks that I am working with ? Nada is the official word.

As a Temporary worker, at will is the term they use, you may be fired for anything you say, whether in the course of your duties or as an inquiry to a poorly educated boss.

Took my lumps once again. University trained and protected by Organized labor unions for 20 years or more, I have been bamboozled more than once, no warning, no coaching, no advising are not a good fit...transmitted not by a face to face the dehumanizing is that I say.

As an at will attorney will take my case...a simple case of communication breakdown, not insurrection, or willful contempt or any whiff of insubordination...I could not understand the person because of the heavy accent and poor communication of English.

I am confident I will find a new venture, I am 62, motivated, educated and full of vigor and will. My friends all say, it is tough to be in your shoes, retire if you must but be prepared for disillusion if you pull the pin too early, must.

Not ready to draw the last deposits of a Trust account from the treasury, Railroad retirement board or S.S. in it's entirety.

What to do ?...Move on , depend once again on a dutiful Wife, hurting herself, with a need for mobility surgery in the midst of this new adventure I call....looking for a position of merit, good salary and a chance to rejoin the working  and not be dependent on Unemployment checks for 99 weeks....

My garden instincts are strong, I can grow anything, nutritional, microbiological or just beans and crucible veggies in many forms.

So the story goes, I can sleep in, my steel shoed calluses on the mend and the North American field wide open. My car is paid for, good for a few thousand miles, cassettes on the ready, bank numbers imbedded in my head....will I go West.?

North Dakota, the oil shale world awaits, is there a chance to click in and join the Oil boom, 600 a week plywood room, bacon and potatoes, gravy not seen ?

Food for thought for the adventurous mind, never mind the games in the foreground, look beyond, see the big picture that awaits those whose appetites hunger for more, 12 hour days, 6 days a week...only the strong, not for the meek.

Of course there is always a fleeting chance, jingle a few coins and the Midwestern man may just stay where he the taxman, fill the account, please the family and try to shout, no warning this time, just good intentions in time. 
For the very immediate I say, plan your day, be proactive and pray. Buy a lottery ticket if you have the means to an end...try not to worry, be sure of your duty, get yourself moving, cross town or country, just be yourself.  .   

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