Saturday, November 14, 2015

Insurance blues

Our family insurance bill has just been raised 15% to an astounding $450 a month for two adults.
I am semi retired on about 25 k a year, my spouse, much younger earns two to three times that.

In a year or so I will receive the final installment known as a less than 30 year Railroad annuity. Aside from paying down my Parent plus loan and, my own low k student loan, I now face a future of choices.

Option one, keep working parttime for 2500 a month plus annuities and suffer like the rest of my neighbors and friends, many of whom are now or soon to be  retired but not yet doing medicare.

The other way is to sell the country house that we love and move to a tiny hovel and reduce our overhead inorder to satisfy student loans and loanshark rated Health Insurance...

Obamacare has even higher deductibles that conventional plans in my neck of the woods.

Tell me Euro friends, how do you deal with this dilemma ?  My car is quite dated, the rest of the fleet not so much...

I can walk the walk and prefer not to fly the coop.... egads what next ? Comments welcome.

aj on the fieldcrest..

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