Saturday, November 14, 2015

Trouble in Fromage land.

The winds of November come early...the Sins of the ancient past come back to plague us or so it seems.

Paris was struck by Cowardly Murderers last night. How is it that regions of the Mediterranean give rise to such ilk, after centuries of advances in Medicine, Mathematics, Humanistic studies and understanding.

Is water to blame ? Desert nomads found water holes or perished. Today's wanderers, (men without  job, family or education) murder opponents for mere sport or twisted 6th Century goals and logic.

The call for International, purposeful action is in motion despite the breathtaking inaction of POTUS and his band of ideologues.

Fueled by Oil revenue from captured fields of black gold, these pajama-cladded jihadist's can be defeated only by superior firepower, force and annihilation...

Time for back turning and wistful hopes and desires of peace through colored lenses is over...

The near future will be a time of Iron will or contamination of  a deep cancerous morass known as Isis.

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