Saturday, January 16, 2016

57 % of Seniors missing from the workforce...

Older workers disappear from the workplace in America.

 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics;  Only 38 to 43 % of Workers aged 55 or older are employed. That implies that more often than not; the majority of my brothers and sisters are sitting out this marvelous recovery, clear my throat and otherwise inhabit low tax housing, have their cars and toys paid for and spend I would assume, some time babysitting, fishing, walking and talking about the land.

This alarming stat has somehow been left out of the mainstream media but for the monthly magazine put out by AARP, a newsworthy rag that applies to all 55 and older...

In the area of America that I inhabit you must have at least  a $1000 a week to live well, stay warm or run Summer air conditioning ad nauseum. High taxes in Wisconsin test even the deepest of pockets, let alone those with more than one property.

As for me, I work no more than 35 hours a week and less during the Winter months. @ 64.3 years of age, I will "officially" retire in October of this year. Whether or not I continue in my part time position depends on time, weather,and Wife who enjoys working in the full time mode unless or until; we pretty up and sell our house that happens to sit in a rather idyllic location albeit quite cool half the year.

As for my friends in business or former occupations it is not uncommon to see many of my peers retiring early as a Civil Servant, Teacher, Public Safety or Health professional.

For now I have my health, am not too heavily medicated or dependent on the pharmaceutical industry. As an occasional purchaser of Lottery tickets, scratch offs and the like, I am a bit gilded as having made more in a minute (thank you pwrball), than any of my friends, family or acquaintances many years ago. The minute ran itself a normal course, funds well spent and no regrets. 

Heading into the coldest part of Winter I can only hope that the planet survives, my Grandchildren thrive and Springtime again arrives in a few months.

Enough of my blogospheric  rambling take care and be safe...ajf

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