Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February musings.

They pound the snowbanks in New Hampshire this evening. At the same time the air about my feet is quite cool, the force air heating is working overtime. I love the pristine crystal glimmer of sun on snow, at least til 4 o'clock in the Winter afternoon.

Hammered by sled races, ski waxing not....Political dogma fills the airwaves igniting a thought or two.

Democrats have good thoughts at the beginning of their dogma but the result is usually the same old dog and pony show. Tax the merchant class, working specialists and any thing or one who works hard for their money. The end game is too support the lower rung who by hope, dreams and smoke filled glee have no track record of climbing into the next rung unless ascending to the higher level of learning  ... you must acknowledge that...the cream always rises..yes, academia will filter the straw filled from the intelligentsia..

Thinking beyond the pale, welfare that pays 35k to a Mother of two while their counter part works for $13  an hour, has college loans to pay back, a hubby who may or may not earn bank plus a kid or two in the family of the latter. It would seem to be advantageous to stay home and suck from the State instead of work to your own merits, future of uncertainty and reach for the stars...

A Conservative mantra differs by a great margin. Work after College, toughen out the New World DisOrder and hope your Man or Gal gets that raise or second job inorder to rent or buy that first Domain of domesticity.

I am of firm belief that the true way of salvation exists from the behavior and gusto of the Private or Corporate mantel. Hope does indeed spring eternal, not so from that monthly check, food stamps, housing allowance and other ilk, paid for by the other 15 per-centers who work their buts off only to achieve the next level of $74 k or more only to reach the 25% level of taxation in the final analysis.

Sidebar, it is really fun to try and type as fast as I think....omg.

enough said , I am about to be invaded by the rest of my gang,....work when you can, save if able and eat, drink and be merry, chores not withstanding.....ajf ...Cheeseland......got Cheddar ?

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