Sunday, April 10, 2016

Where is the money,,

Based on paper,our modern currency is not really good for much more than derriere wipe. A thought not mentioned in many places or during dinner time.  Bankers in Minnesota have agreed to the concept of no finding of consideration constitutes a worthless currency. The Federal reserve prints money with no backing of gold, silver or diamonds . Study the rise of the Federal Reserve and be  prepared for the most hideous blow down of common sense and economic tom foolery. My sources are history in the making, you cannot make these things up.  Nixon took us off of the Gold standard, the last form of true consideration, now replaced by worthless paper....Most folks have no clue, others have won court cases as their homes were bought with worthless currency printed by a private bank known as the Federal Reserve.....due diligence is in order for all thinking men and women..Sell out, live a more modest way and pay cash for what you need.

Of take up golf and stay on the fairways...ajf

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