Friday, December 7, 2012

December musings

Here I sit, free for the weekend. December 7, 2012
First order of the day is to thank all the Vets for their service, never overstated, and a special thanks to the Sailors, Marines, Pilots and Army forces that fought their brains out to defeat the Imperial forces of Japan. Personally I have knowledge of one of my Uncles who survived the ravages of the Battle in New Guinea.
A quiet man, he never spoke of the experience, his silence spoke volumes upon learning of his experience from history, knowledge and relatives accounts. Our blessed state of being, however strained, has been the best place on Earth to live, breathe and achieve for over 70 years and counting.
Thanks guys and gals.

On other fronts, Unemployment in the former Industrial Midwest still hovers at or just below 8% . Partially employed, making a pittance of my industrialized salary, I muck along ever so thankful for my Ubersmart Wife and partner.
Every one us 45 million or so under or un-employed continue to fill the ranks, meanwhile a million or two drop out of or off the grid every quarter.
Common sense tells me that 40 years of de-industrialization has resulted in the mess we're in, not to mention two wars and a bloated Fed and State bureaucracy to pay for and service.
The wake up call did not work last month. We have become Eurocentric with the State being the mantra and Private sector being ignored or chastised.
No matter, Christmas is coming , the geese are basking in Rio while we await new Snow, either tomorrow morning possibly over Saturday night.
Too much commotion surrounds me so I will  end this message, if only a rant, I thank you for not skipping through blogosphere....or do anyways.
Off to pick up a Powerball ticket the only game in town with a small price to pay and maybe, just maybe a pleasant surprise come Sunday morning..God Bless and celebrate often.

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